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A wave of digital stream: Apple strong continuation of 2015 to 2016

As Apple's increasingly an important market for Apple iPhone sales in China's overall income but have a negligible impact. According to a report from Stifel display, Android phones accounted for 2015 Smartphone shipments in the fourth quarter of 81%.

IPhone sales in China growing rapidly

We can see from the chart above, non-Android Smartphone shipments in the 15 had reached 24.3 million units in the fourth quarter, compared with 14 18.3 million in the same period and 15 14.5 million units in the third quarter has been greatly improved.

We know that "non-Android" mobile phone not only contains the iOS platform, including BlackBerry, Windows Phone and Tizen OS devices. But according to Kantar WorldPanel data, BlackBerry, Windows and Tizen only 2.5% of the total smartphone sales in China, that is, non-iPhone Android smartphones accounted for most of the share (data display is 90%). It is obvious that iPhone for non-Android smart phone shipments increased contribution is enormous.

Mac sales bucked up

IPhone sales in China growing rapidly

In 2015, Apple just released a 12-inch MacBook, Mac most of the other models is a regular update, Apple for the adjustment of the product line as a whole is not big. Despite this, Mac in 2015 is still maintained a good momentum. According to market research firm Gartner data shows that Apple is 2015 's fifth-largest PC (personal computer) makers.

In 2015, Apple sold 21 million Mac, with a global market share of 7.2%. In 2014, Apple sold 20 million Mac (share 6.2%), from 2014, Mac reached 5.8% in per cent in 2015.

Association is the number one producer of PC market in 2015, total of 57.1 million computers were sold, the second h-p sold 52.6 million, 39.2 million Dell and ASUS 21.2 million ranked third and fourth, respectively.

Worth noting is that Apple is growing year on year shipments only PC maker, Lenovo, ASUS, HP, Dell and Acer fell respectively 3.1%, 4.4%, 3.3%, and 15.3%.

Half Apple market Watch

Because Apple has "refused to" Apple Watch sales figures released, so Apple Watch sales is still a mystery, and it is through some third party institutions, to Apple Watch have a general understanding in the market.

IPhone sales in China growing rapidly

According to Juniper Research said that Apple Watch 2015 Smart Watch shipments accounted for 51.5% (sold 8.8 million). In contrast, Android Wear equipment accounted for a market share of less than 10%. In 2015, global shipments of smart watch up to 17.1 million.

Apple Watch are able to occupy half of the watch market, Apple quality plays a crucial role in the ecological, is the most intuitive performance than Android Apple Watch Wear smart watches has more used equipment-more than 10,000, while Android Wear only about 4,000.

Apple Music into big brother next year?

According to encounter many ridicule, but Apple's streaming music service Apple Music was thriving. According to AppleInsider notes that Apple Music current paid subscribers has exceeded 10 million. You know Apple Music officially launched just 6 months, and the current "big brothers" Spotify reached this figure take 6 years.

IPhone sales in China growing rapidly

In 2015, in October, Apple Music had reached 6.5 million paying customers, and by January 2016 (not yet ended), paying users soared to 10 million, taking into account the growth rate, so there will be, analysts say Apple in 2017 Music has the potential to become a music streaming service "big brothers". Actually United States music market and recession, according to Nielsen Music (Nielsen Music), in 2014, United States album sales overall fell 9%, song downloads has fallen by 12%, but music streaming grew by 50%. Marcelo Burlon iPhone 6 Plus Cases

For Apple, music streaming media market there is still a lot of room for improvement and potential to be tapped.

App Store make new contributions

As an important part of the Apple ecosystem, growth of the App Store is pretty amazing. Just after new year's, Apple Announces App Store ushered in 2015 year holiday quarter of record revenue, including Christmas and new year's day have been setting a new record.

IPhone sales in China growing rapidly

On January 1, 2016, the App Store had revenues of $ 144 million, the best record in one-day history of the App Store, and previous records were set by a week before Christmas. In the holiday quarter ended January 3 (two weeks), the user's application in the App Store purchases and buy consumption reached 1.1 billion US dollars.

Application solely on the game's revenue, is striking enough. App Store analytics company Sensor Tower recently released App Store data of December 2015, according to App Store gaming revenues of nearly $ 1 billion in the month, setting a new record. Compared with November, App Store gaming revenues of $ 847 million, December, gaming revenue increased 18%.

Conclusion Marcelo Burlon iPhone 6+

Marcelo Burlon iPhone 6+

For Apple, continued the proud achievements of 2015 is worth encouraging, but the result is a thing of the past in 2016, there are still many difficulties and challenges waiting for the Apple. Innovation in hardware, software, poor service and other problems the solution is Apple at the end of 2016 to get good grades, and keep the user's key.

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QQ iOS 9 jailbreak users will want to experience the new features, it only searches for the appropriate software packages on the Internet, this approach is not only the problem, but cannot guarantee the security of software packages.

IOS 9 jailbreak user, not directly from the phone to upgrade the jailbreak version of QQ is a very annoying problem. If you want to experience the jailbreak version of QQ new feature, it only searches for the appropriate software packages on the Internet, this approach is not only the problem, but cannot guarantee the security of software packages.

A few days ago, weijianwen2580 shares a frontal friends in installing a new version of the jailbreak on iOS 9 jailbreak iPhone QQ way, if you have such demand, may wish to refer to. The front said, this tutorial applies to iPhone mobile phone and PC, but before we start, we need to do some preparation work, operate the tools needed are as follows:

Front friends: how to upgrade on iOS 9 jailbreak phones QQ

--IPhone mobile phone: Filza File Manager (file management software), a tool that can download Web page, such as Mercury.

--PC port: a third Assistant (iTunes), Internet Download Manager.

In addition, we also need to understand the following considerations:

-This method only applies to upgrade the jailbreak version of QQ.

-Cover installed QQ appears likely situations such as Flash back.

-Cover installed QQ after the success we need to rebuild the desktop icon (not QQ Flash back reconstruction occurs), rebuild icons to open properly.

-Before you begin please take backup of existing QQ installation package, it is very important that, in case of problems you can also reinstall the current version.

Next, we look at the specific methods of operation:

1. first of all, our jailbreak iPhone must receive a test version of QQ update prompt.


2. open Filza File Manager, go to "Favorites"-"App Manager"-"QQ", and then click next to continue.

3. from/Documents/QQ document is open the property sheet for your QQ/the path and open the file "SDKUpgradeSetting.plist", we will see two names Url, push updates you can see a "link" or. "plist" files.

4. copy the link, downloads the Web page with tools (mobile phone can use Mercury,PC Internet Download Manager). Hello Kitty iPhone case

Front friends: how to upgrade on iOS 9 jailbreak phones QQ

5. open the downloaded Web page (we need to be on the phone to change the extension to. TXT and then open, open with Notepad on the PC), on this page, we'll see a domain name "MyApp.com" link. Hello Kitty phone case

Front friends: how to upgrade on iOS 9 jailbreak phones QQ

6. the fifth step of the link with a browser open, then we need to do is download and install IPA would be nice (mobile Filza File Manager, computer assistant used a third party), as shown in the figure.

After the above 6 steps, fronts on iOS 9 jailbreak iPhone friends can experience the new features of the new version of QQ. Front friends can click here to enter the original post, say you are using iOS 9 jailbreak system some of the problems and specific solutions to communicate with it.

In addition, although recently there have been news of the jailbreak iOS new system, but the reliability seems to be insufficient. In the case of iOS 9.3 Beta has been released, Feng friends is continues to wait for jailbreak tool released is considering upgrading to the new version to experience the new feature?

Hello Kitty iPhone case

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A data centre, which will certainly better for Apple in the future. Givenchy iPhone 6

Givenchy iPhone 6

Wei Feng network, according to United States Nevada Reno Gazette-Journal reported in the local media, and Apple was planned in an existing data center creates a new data center near Reno, in accordance with the relevant documents, the construction project, code-named: "Project Huckleberry". Givenchy iPhone 6 cover

Apple is preparing in the United States, Reno construction of a data center

New data center will be a large group gathered in the data center, there will be an administrative building, which will be code-named "Project Mills" data center project is similar. Nova Shaw County Government, a senior official said, although with different buildings, but "Project Huckleberry" design "Project Mills" in the design is essentially the same.

Apple has not yet been completed "Project Mills" construction work in the data center, because the data center is also in the expansion stage, Apple has invested more than $ 1 billion. "Project Mills" included 14 buildings, total floor area up to 412,000 square feet, the data center "responsible for" Apple's service, for example, iCloud, iTunes and the App Store.

Apple hopes to obtain at the end of this month "Project Huckleberry" to allow alerts, for Apple at the same location is very important for data center expansion.


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